Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

almost high school \m/

now I'm about high school and during the tense moment will come where I must pass an entrance exam and then wait for the national final exam results honest this time I was very tense not only because the entrance test and the announcement of a higher education but also PASS Do I? also I would soon find a new friend when entering high school huh it was frustrating to be apart from the friends for 3 years is a friendship that has been pretty good to me I would cry when parting later :'(
yes pray for me in high school that I want
pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray
now I must study hard for tests later when I can finish with a PERFECT

me and my hobby

my hobby is editing photos
this is a little piece of mine :D
photo 1 i took that in pagatan beach, that's awesome
photo 2 i took that in hotel in palangkaranya, funny pict
photo 3 i edit by photo scape :p

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

just information :P lol

beside my page that is fish
you can feed it by clicking arrow in front of the fish pool (ancur banget deh english gue)
LOL =))

Opening Season of my Blog

Hy! my name is Ningtyas Putri Octaviani you could called me Ovi :)
I just open my new blog
before this blog, i hav another, but i couldn't make it preety like i want
so i made this blog :D
and i hope you can enjoy my blog :)
my passion in my life is MUSIC, ART, and IT
i can play bass quietly
i like to sing along with anyone
and i thing this blog can channel my hobby (cailah)
hahahaha LOL