Rabu, 14 Desember 2011


saya kembali lagi setelah sekian lama ga buka blog tercinta ini hahahaha
oh iya besok hari terakhir ulangan akhir semester *horee*
abis itu clasmit *woho!*
abis itu bagi rapot
abis itu liburaaaaaannnnnnnnnn *loncatloncatloncat*
bahagia tak terkira tu pang kalo gaada remed
matematika ama sejarah udah keluar pengumumannnya
dan hasilnya ga remed men B)
bagaimana bahagianya saya? yang pas smp remed mulu kerjaan sekarang ga remed?
udahan dlu nah :P
bosan bosan bosaaaannn

Rabu, 06 Juli 2011


21 guns (cast) open please ^^

Memulai sesuatu yang baru itu lebih sulit :)

cape saya pake bahasa inggris mulu -_-
come naturally with BAHASA INDONESIA :*
mau cerita tentang bapa nih :)
i wanna be like him so much as i want
bapa itu orangnya baik, pinter, and all the thing good is him
wanna be succed like him to
oh iya, mau promo blog kembaran saya
yang mau liat click this
pokoe maknyosssssss

Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

I'm Fresh Graduate and welcome to high school live \m/

hi, long time no write on this blog hehehe
it feels really miss writing this blog
because I was really busy anyway hehehe
hmm, now if it was a dream I've SMA
yea, SMAN 7 Banjarmasin is my school now
happy sad it was not frivolous
want to cry there is also
I joined the computer science curricular, band (always), and OSIS
ngelanjutin we go from junior high school student council yesterday joined mulu
hehehe LOL
I'm just happy to get in to SMAN 7 Banjarmasin
okedeh, I lanjutin online again
see ya!

Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

almost high school \m/

now I'm about high school and during the tense moment will come where I must pass an entrance exam and then wait for the national final exam results honest this time I was very tense not only because the entrance test and the announcement of a higher education but also PASS Do I? also I would soon find a new friend when entering high school huh it was frustrating to be apart from the friends for 3 years is a friendship that has been pretty good to me I would cry when parting later :'(
yes pray for me in high school that I want
pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray
now I must study hard for tests later when I can finish with a PERFECT

me and my hobby

my hobby is editing photos
this is a little piece of mine :D
photo 1 i took that in pagatan beach, that's awesome
photo 2 i took that in hotel in palangkaranya, funny pict
photo 3 i edit by photo scape :p

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

just information :P lol

beside my page that is fish
you can feed it by clicking arrow in front of the fish pool (ancur banget deh english gue)
LOL =))